Tuesday, March 4, 2008

These are my foster babies....Parker is the one of the left and Cali is on the right (the snooty one!)

So here's the drawing for my self portrait painting in Figure class....I have a final charcoal done but I'll have to upload it....  I just wanted to add something!  


Daniel Shoaf said...

Thanks! Nice drawing it's a great likeness! I don't think I saw the painting, how'd that go? I remember that assignment. Damn acrylics.

Lauren Moyer said...

upload the charcoal! It's wonderful and i want to see the final painting! :)

I want a puppy, I'm saving up for a Cojack it's a jack russel corgi mix they look like mini corgis. but first i need an apartment that allows puppies... oh well.

Upload some more!!